9N7AP 2mEME DX-Pedition

Hello All,

9N pedition will be held as scheduled.
We will leave Japan to Nepal on 23 this month.
2m EME operation will be started from 27 MR to 31 MS at Hotel Annapurna View in Pokhara(NL18xf).

Hotel and flight has been booked already.
Just now we are waiting to publish the license.
We will get 9N7AP as group callsign which has enough power for 2m EME operation legally.

MoICT in Nepal revised a license law for amateur radio on July this year and permitted the RF power by 500w for VHF EME operation.

Group is consist of 6 person.
JH3AZC(Kay Sanae), JP3EXR(Taka Sakamoto), JA1PFP(Taka Yoshida) and JA3RVS(Katsumi Morita) are charged for 2m EME operation
JH3QFL(Taki Hata) and also JA3RVS are for SAT.
JH3QFL and JH3VAA(Mamoru Nomura) are for HF band(160m/40m/20m/17m/15m/12m/10m)
I will also try 6m FT8 but depends on the condx at that time.

JA1PFP made 2m LDMOS Power Amp. for 9N1AA(Satish) and will carry that with us.
Satish is very interested in 2m EME operation and he will get the nice big gadget!!
I believe he will activate 2m EME operation as a resident station from 9N in near future.

Our 2m EME system is FT991, Phoenix1000A, 2x9ele LFA antenna(H-pol), LNA (Same as T8EM operation)
Operation mode is JT65B only and QRG will be announced through N0UK chat board.

We would like to see you from 9N!
Best regards, GL.


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Norbert10月 28th, 2018 at 23:08

HI Team, maybe you could turn antennas by 90 degree to vertical? Just an idea…

73 – hope to work you tonight – OE3NFC